These are my pennies from heaven. I heard a lady on TV say there are angels with all of us, but we don’t take the time to slow down and look for their signs. A perfect example is when people find a penny, unless it’s heads-up, they don’t want to pick it up because heads-up is supposed to be good luck.

She said, “it’s good luck because you found money, regardless of the denomination and I look at it that it’s a sign from my angel, that they’re saying hello.”

“Every now and then, when I would find a penny, I would say, ‘thank you, mother.’ Well, the night before my daughter passed away, the doctor came to talk to us and he said we had some choices we needed to make, because she was real sick. I asked him if there was anything he could do that is going to improve her quality of life.”

He said, “no and at some point, if her heart gets stronger, he would have to amputate both of her feet because the circulation to her feet had completely shut down and that her feet were already starting to shrivel.”

I told him no, and just asked that he make her as comfortable as possible, that she’d been in enough pain already. So, we were all just sitting there, and I got up and start straightening up things and when I looked down, I saw a penny. It was then that I knew my mother was with my daughter. She lived until four o’clock the next morning. And since then, I keep finding pennies. I believe it is my daughter telling me that she’s still around.


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